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Inventory of (bio)chemicals

Inventory of (bio)chemicals

The purpose of the registration of chemical and biological compounds is twofold:

  • to know which substances are “in house” and where they are located, saving quests and duplicate orders
  • to be accountable to bodies such as environmental inspection, fire department, labour inspection, customs and security agencies on the nature, quantity and use of existing (risk) substances.

By a live link with Chemwatch, properties of substances can be displayed directly in the Inventory Module biosafety(hazards, precautionary measures, mini-MSDS, ADR class, CMR properties et cetera). Also, with a simple “click”, selections are made and totals are calculated for certain categories of substances. This simplifies the reporting obligations to outside agencies significantly.
On door signs (see Area-Risks Classification) the amount of hazardous substances per ADR class is displayed, retrieved from the database.
The Inventory module is further linked to the OHS&E Map (registration of organisational units, persons, roles) to provide personalised permissions. Newly purchased substances enter the Inventory via the linked Web Order form and are labelled with a unique barcode. Empty bottles leave the system by scanning-out the barcodes. In this way the inventory is always up-to-date.


  • Create first time inventory by scanning supplier’s barcodes, linked to a supplier’s integrated catalogue
  • Link container to location: cabinet – shelf – bin
  • Print Lab Servant barcodes to uniquely identify each container and its location and owner
  • Scan containers to new owner or (temporary) location
  • Scan empty bottles to remove them from the inventory
  • Alert at low level of stock and re-order compounds with just a few clicks
  • Print standard overviews for compliance management towards external authorities