Lab Servant

Emergency Response Team

Status: in design phase
The emergency response (ER) is an essential link in the safety & security policy. During incidents the Emergency Response Team provides first aid and is responsible for escalating to external emergency services if necessary. Also the proper evacuation of buildings is part of their responsibilities. A good overview of the processes in the laboratories and the hazards / risks and precautionary measures that are in play is essential. The module provides a record of Emergency Response Team members, their tasks, their (re)training (by a link to the Competence management module) and the incidents that have been handled and recorded by the emergency team. To streamline the processes, workflows are used.
Incidents associated with (potential) injury or threat of infrastructure will be reported in general to the Emergency Response Team. Incidents arising from the misapplication of procedures without direct (potential) damage will generally be reported using the Safe Incident Reporting module (see above). In the background all reported incidents are merged while protecting the privacy of persons reporting the incidents and other involved parties.