Lab Servant

Inspection of labs/areas

With a certain regularity laboratories are inspected to see if they still comply with all safety regulations. If there are any points of improvement these can be placed on a ‘to do’ list of the responsible Area Supervisor who is linked to an area via the Area-Risks Classification module.
A point of improvement can be illustrated with an uploaded photo. As long as actions are still on a person’s ‘to do’ list (also derived from other modules) the ‘to do’ list will be emailed at the start of each week.
The current set-up of the Inspection module doesn’t provide a checklist that has to be checked point-by-point because in general the inspectors in a research environment know the points by heart and find it easier to note down the exceptions only.
A workflow is linked to the Inspection module for the approval/acceptance of performed improvements. The progress can be monitored by displaying reports from the database.

  • Define inspection rounds with areas, inspectors and attendees
  • Note down Points of Improvement
  • Monitor the follow-up of PoI by area supervisors
  • Print overviews for discussion in meetings
  • Analyse PoI by type to find structural causes