Lab Servant

J.J. (Koos) van Leeuwe – PhD

Koos van Leeuwe graduated in Physics from the Leiden State University, followed by a PhD in Nuclear Physics at the NIKHEF (Amsterdam) and the Utrecht State University.

He worked as a systems engineer, project leader and consultant at Origin (later Atos) and continued his career as an independent professional. He worked in that capacity on various ICT problems at different listed companies and institutes, among others at Fortis, KPN, NUON, the Dutch Ministry of Education and the Utrecht University for Professional Education.

Koos van Leeuwe is founder/owner of Pragma I.T. BV (software development) and together with Han Bakker founder/owner of Lab Servant BV (marketing/development of The Lab Servant). Within Lab Servant BV he fulfils the role of systems engineer/technical director.