Lab Servant


The Dashboard provides reporting in graphical form, which functions on top of all other modules. The Dashboard is accessible to all users of The Servant, but of course it is possible to restrict access to confidential data. The basic principle, however, is to make as much (aggregated) data available as possible to the widest group of users based on the concept of fact driven self-steering. This follows the academic principle “to publish, unless … “.
The Dashboard works according to the SMC concept (Standards – Measurements – Control). Measurements (data from different modules) are compared with agreed Standards, which are often derived from the applicable laws and regulations and the Dutch “Arbocatalogus” (see Safety Report). If deviations are found between Measurement and Standards, the organisation will seek to reduce them using Control. This dynamic is made visible through the Dashboard. The Dashboard uses a visual presentation (in addition to numbers) and uses the traffic light principle.
Technically spoken each module has its own data mart which are integrated to a data warehouse in the form of the Dashboard.


(this module is in the development phase)

  • Choose Dimensions on one hand, like organisational units, persons, buildings, projects, years et cetera to order your data and calculate subtotals per Dimension
  • Choose Measures on the other hand, like numbers, Euros, percentages and composite measures like number per Euro
  • Compare Measures with agreed Standards (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Use any deviation between Measurements and Standards to Control your business process (steer back to Standards)