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Lab Servant

Lab Servant

The Lab Servant is developed to create a healthier workplace with less effort. We accomplished this by a focus on the researcher in the lab, for whom the experiment is always leading but whose own health & safety is crucial in the end.

The Lab Servant is enticing and easy to use for scientists and support staff because it is fully web-based and has an intuitive interface, which was built with the latest technologies for responsive web design.

The Lab Servant is cost-efficient. It was designed with a “lean” philosophy in mind, which means that we diminished the daily maintenance tasks as much as possible, for example by making use of web services.

Push of the button

To stay compliant with demands of external authorities, the daily work with hazardous chem/bio materials and equipment has to be documented thoroughly. The Lab Servant takes care of that and will present the data with a “push of the button” in any requisite formats when needed. At the same time, the day-to-day research will also benefit from such a collection of well-organised data.

General features of the Lab Servant

  • Fully web-based: any time, any place, accessible with any device.
  • Supports the vital functions for safe working in the laboratory.
  • Developed in close collaboration with researchers and support staff over a number of years.
  • Saves time of staff in being compliant with demands of external authorities.
  • Streamlines work processes by workflows.
  • Keeps an audit trail: who decided what & when.
  • Is designed to support complex multi-layer organisations with role-based personalisation.
  • Is “lean” in maintenance by using web services, which communicate with corporate systems and external databases.
  • Campus license subscription with unlimited use; no fee per user.
  • Supported by a team with over 15 yrs of experience in software development and 24/7 support for higher education and research institutions.

About Us

As off the year 2011 Lab Servant BV, in partnership with Delft University of Technology, developed a laboratory safety suite which is called the Lab Servant.

The name Lab Servant was chosen intentionally to express the mission of the makers to empower researchers and support staff to fulfill their record keeping duties in the framework of laboratory safety as efficient as possible and to contribute to a healthier workplace with less effort.

All modules are currently in daily operation at Delft University of Technology. Other universities, research centres and academic medical centres in the Netherlands are using different modules according to their need and participate in further development of the suite.

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