About us

Our mission

As off the year 2011 Lab Servant BV, in partnership with Delft University of Technology, developed a laboratory safety suite which is called the Lab Servant.

The name Lab Servant was chosen intentionally to express the mission of the makers to empower researchers and support staff to fulfill their record keeping duties in the framework of laboratory safety as efficient as possible and to contribute to a healthier workplace with less effort.

All modules are currently in daily operation at Delft University of Technology. Other universities, research centres and academic medical centres in the Netherlands are using different modules according to their need and participate in further development of the suite.

Meet the founders

The team behind The Lab Servant consists of experienced academic programme managers, systems engineers and OH&S professionals who all have experience with the development of comparable systems* in a research environment.

Han Bakker graduated in Chemistry from the Free University of Amsterdam with a specialism in Biochemistry. After his study he worked as a teacher in Clinical Chemistry at the Utrecht School for Laboratory Technicians (later University of Applied Sciences Utrecht).

During his career he fulfilled different functions as project manager and director at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and the Dutch Polymer Institute/Eindhoven University of Technology in the fields of Educational Technology, Knowledge Management, Innovation, Research Management, Human Resource Management and Occupational Health, Safety & Environment, always including a component to advance (inter)national collaboration.

Han Bakker is together with Koos van Leeuwe founder/owner of Lab Servant BV (marketing/development of The Lab Servant). Within Lab Servant BV he fulfills the role of principal consultant/managing director.

J.P. (Han) Bakker – MScfounder/owner

Koos van Leeuwe graduated in Physics from the Leiden State University, followed by a PhD in Nuclear Physics at the NIKHEF (Amsterdam) and the Utrecht State University.

He worked as a systems engineer, project leader and consultant at Origin (later Atos) and continued his career as an independent professional. He worked in that capacity on various ICT problems at different stock market listed companies and institutes, among others at Fortis, KPN, NUON, the Dutch Ministry of Education and the Utrecht University for Professional Education.

Koos van Leeuwe is together with Han Bakker founder/owner of Lab Servant BV (marketing/development of The Lab Servant). Within Lab Servant BV he fulfils the role of lead systems engineer/technical director.

J.J. (Koos) van Leeuwe – PhDfounder/owner

Our customers

Our customers are currently universities, academic medical centres and large research institutes.

They use up to 40.000 containers with chemicals in a community of several tens of thousands researchers and students. On the other hand we serve a number of start-up companies at a far lower scale of 5-15 researchers with a limited number of chemicals (several hundred containers).

Both profit from the Lab Servant’s infrastructure which enables an efficient process in keeping the workplace safe and fulfilling requirements of external auditors with regard to the “safe lab”.

Gradually the Lab Servant attracts attention from middle and large sized companies who want to profit from e.g. the efficiency of integrating the ordering and inventory process of chemicals, from the resulting low total costs of ownership and from the high availability of safety data for all bench workers.

On request we can provide details of our customer base to plan your visit where you can see the Lab Servant being operated in the daily practice of het lab environment.