Safety Instruction & Testing


The importance of Instruction & Testing (I&T) is growing due to the responsibility of the employer for providing a safe workplace. In recent legal procedures the liability of the employer has been emphasised, also in occasions where that was not the case formerly (liability to third parties who are working within the premises of the employer).

The I&T module is linked via a workflow to the access policy for new employees, students and contractors. They all have to follow instructions and make quizzes before access is allowed to risk areas. The risk class of an area is registered in the module for Areas, Labs & door signs and determines the quizzes that have to be made.

Instructions are prepared by safety officers as Powerpoint files which are saved as PDF. The files may include sound and video. No specific training is needed to prepare instructions and questions although some support by an instructional technologist is recommended.

The module provides a random selection of questions from a set, which are presented as multiple choice. Instruction and questions are shown in two browser tabs so a candidate may switch between both and may process the offered content actively. We refrained from more complex ways of presenting content like animations to keep things simple, cost efficient and not dependent of specialised staff.

As soon as a candidate has passed the test, the workflow takes care of the follow‐up actions, which are communicated to the candidate and the involved area supervisors. All result are stored in the central database.

Our I&T module distinguishes itself from other I&T systems on the market by an easy management of questions and quiz definitions and by the integration with corporate systems and other modules of the Lab Servant, which reduces maintenance and makes the system sustainable in the long run

Researchers in Omar M. Yaghi’s Laboratory – UCLA


  • Maintain questions and groups of questions
  • Maintain quiz definitions based on (groups of) questions
  • Create Instructions in Powerpoint including sound and video
  • Link employees, students, contractors to instruction & quiz
  • Keep track of quiz results (administration)
  • Monitor validity of test results and reassign instructions to candidates when due
  • Link lab/area access to quiz results (via campus