Compliance Management


An Environmental Permit for a large organisation often includes many clauses that that require regular (quarterly, annual) checks to see whether they still are met. This is more or less similar to the Lab Inspection module, but with the difference that in this case a checklist (consisting of the clauses of the permit) is used and that the resulting actions are put on the ‘to-do’ list of the responsible persons (quarterly, annually). The latter is done by a workflow engine which (auto)generates regular actions and monitors the timely execution and approval/acceptance of actions by responsible persons in the workflow.

All Permits or Licences that satisfy the following conditions may be subject to a periodical compliance check:

  • there are clauses that need to be checked on a regular basis
  • there are people who must check the compliance with the clauses and report on the outcome of the check
  • there is a fixed frequency with which the compliance with a clause must be checked

Note that a required action in this module may be performed using another module from the suite, e.g. the Inspection module or the Equipment registration module. In the future live links between modules will be established to save work.
With minor changes, the module can cover also the requirements of e.g. an OHSAS 8001 or an ISO 45001 Management system, which follow the same principles.


  • Define recurring actions based on clauses in a permit or Quality Management System
  • Link actions to organisational units or buildings and to roles (people responsible)
  • Monitor the follow-up of actions
  • Print matrix for discussion in meetings
  • Analyse non-compliance to find structural causes