Lab inspections

Periodically laboratories are inspected by the management and HSE staff to see if the labs still comply with the applicable safety regulations. If there are any Points of Improvement (PoI) these are noted down in the Inspection module and placed automatically on the ‘to-do’ list of the responsible Area supervisor who is linked to an area in the database.

A workflow is available to delegate certain Points of Improvement to ‘facilities services’. When completed, the responsible Area supervisor has to accept the result from ‘facilities services’ and mark the PoI as “done”.

A Point of Improvement can be illustrated with an uploaded photo. After the PoI is solved a photo can be uploaded to prove the solution.

As long as actions are still on a person’s ‘to-do’ list, a hyperlink to the ‘to-do’ list will be emailed as a reminder at the start of each week (default) or other chosen period.

The current set-up of the Inspection module doesn’t provide a checklist of applicable safety regulations that has to be checked point-by-point, because in general the inspectors in a research environment know the checkpoints by heart and find it easier to note down the exceptions only.

A workflow is linked to the Inspection module for the approval/acceptance of performed improvements. The progress can be monitored by displaying reports from the database.


  • define inspection rounds with areas, inspectors and attendees
  • note down Points of Improvement per area (automatically attributed to area supervisors)
  • monitor the follow-up of PoI by area supervisors
  • print overviews for discussion in meetings
  • analyse PoI by type to find structural causes