LUMC joins Lab Servant for Biosafety and Lab inspections

The Leiden university hospital (LUMC) joins Lab Servant for Biosafety. The development of the Biosafety module will be boosted by this participation. The current functionality of the module covers the registration of hosts, vectors, inserts and viruses on one side and the registration of notifications, permits and users on the other side. The current Risk Evaluation for preparing GGOs will be largely automated thanks to the work of a nationwide workgroup that prepared an approach for Risk Evalutions based on “Groups of equal risk profile”. LUMC, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Free U. (VU), the VU medical centre (VUmc) and the the U. of Maastricht worked this out a step further by developing an algorithm with which cell lines, vectors and inserts can be allocated automatically to the aforementioned Groups. The Lab Servant team implemented already a great part of this approach and will finish it by the end of the year. The result will be that the Risk Evaluation of GGO experiments with cell lines can be done very efficient, saving researchers time and effort.

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Registration of mixtures added

Recently we added the functionality to also register mixtures in the Lab Servant.
Initially we were mainly focused on the registration of single substances (up to 20k at a university) but users asked us to add the possibility to register mixtures. We have combined this with the entering and storage of propietary safety information for a substance. This can be useful if Chemwatch doesn’t provide safety data for a substance. With more than 800.000 substances in the Chemwatch database that chance is small but not zero.

The self-added information is shown in the sheet of a substance or mixture in a separate tab “Propietary data”.

The possibility has also been added to print CLP compatible labels with GHS symbols in color.
This also ensures compliance with the requirement that all (own) mixtures in the lab or shop floor must be labeled with the applicable GHS symbols. The latter requirement came into force mid-2017.